Use the VARK Learning Style to Study For FS Exams

Use the VARK Learning Style to Study For FS Exams

Preparing for the land surveyor exams is stressful, especially when so much is riding on passing. To get your professional land surveying license, you must pass the FS exam first which is not an easy feat. This exam is tough. Roughly 50 percent of all students who take the exams pass on the first round while the odds of succeeding are even lower for those retaking the exam. NLC Prep has a proven success rate for helping students prepare for and successfully pass land surveyor exams the first time.

Understanding your own unique learning style to comprehend and retain information will increase your chances of successfully passing the exam on the first try. In the 1920’s, psychologists developed the VARK Learning Styles Model.  According to the original VARK model, there are three styles of learning.

Visual Learners

Visual, or spatial, learners need to physically see materials to learn. This learning style best works by using graphs, charts, maps, pictures, images, color, video footage, and other visualization forms to comprehend content.  This allows learners to associate different materials with the visuals.   Throughout the study courses created by NLC Prep, students will find pictures, graphs, maps, and videos that allow the visual learner to more easily comprehend the material.

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners comprehend and retain information best when it is heard. Audio books, lectures, and group conversations are best suited to someone who is auditory dominant. NLC Prep offers both live and pre-recorded lectures to help students who are audio dominated learners.  NLC Prep also offers one-on-one consultations to help all learners to succeed.

Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic dominant students learn best using a  hands-on approach. These students need to touch -material to learn and understand it. Lab work, building projects, designing charts, displays, building models, and actively participating in creating material works best with this type of learning style. NLC Prep offers hard-copy full-length practice exams, and an HP35 calculator that is programmed with every program needed to help students fly through tough equations on their exam.

Reading/Writing Style

Neil Fleming, a teacher from New Zealand, modified the original VARK model by adding  a Reading/Writing style. According to his revised VARK Learning Styles Model, reading/writing dominant learners retain information best when they repeatedly read and write words. Taking notes is a great way for Reading/Writing dominate learners to retain information.

NLC Prep has a variety of learning resources to help each student tap into their unique learning style.   This allows students to maximize their study time and increase the odds of passing the land surveyor exams. Dr. Nettleman is highly recognized in the surveying industry, but he is first and foremost an educator. He understands how learning styles affect a student’s performance when preparing for and taking the exams. Dr. Nettleman has developed a vast library of learning materials available to help students tap into their unique learning style to maximize study time. NLC Prep’s exam preparation materials and programs guarantee higher than average odds of passing the land surveyor exams on the first try.

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