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The 8 Module Online Bundle Covers All the RPLS Exam Categories with Videos, Handouts, and Practice


Crunch Triangles, COGO, Horizontal and Vertical Curves, and More with a Pre-Programmed HP35s

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Test Your Mettle with a Simulated RPLS Practice Exam that includes the same types and number of questions as a real RPLS test.

Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor: Test Prep

TX RPLS Online Prep Course

Are you ready to crush the TX RPLS Exam?

Complete  Eight Module Online RPLS Prep Course

The Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) exam is most likely the toughest professional surveying exam in the entire country. Instead of a national (6 hour) and state (1 – 3 hour) exam, the Texas RPLS exam has been uniquely created to imperiously test Texas surveyors on laws, practices, skills, and techniques required to be a surveyor in the Lone Star state. NLC Test Prep is one of the few resources available to help applicants list, process, and understand the Texas RPLS exam. NLC Prep’s Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor class is broken down into easy to use modules. Those  modules include every category tested on the actual RPLS exam. Enjoy workbooks, videos, handouts, and quizzes in each module.

Are you ready to crush the TX RPLS Exam?

Professionaly Programmed by Tony Nettleman

Buy Your Pre-Programmed HP35s with Confidence! Every Calculator comes with a printed user guide to get you started using the programs as well as a free online course where you can watch Dr. Nettleman run the survey programs as you follow-along with your own unit.

  • Run a Traverse: Traverse by coordinates or traverse by azimuth/distance
  • Inverse: Finding the azimuth and distance between two points
  • Stub: Find the second coordinate using an initial coordinate plus azimuth/distance
  • Intersections: Find the bearing-bearing, distance-distance, or bearing-distance intersections
  • Construction Curves: Compute horizontal curves and vertical curves given two variables and a starting location
  • Bearing/Azimuth: Convert back-and-forth between bearing and azimuth
  • Triangles: solve for the missing variables of a triangle given two known values (angles or sides)

Practice, Practice, Practice

Full-Length Texas RPLS Practice Exam

Want to become a Texas land surveyor? Don’t take it without preparing using a full-length Texas RPLS practice exam. This exam contains the same number of questions as the real exam, contains the same categories of exam questions as the real exam, and is built with one thing in mind: get you ready for Test Day!

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