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Upcoming Guests

Richard Radke is managing partner at SurveyStars, LLC (business software services for land surveying/engineering company); senior strategic advisor at G-Source Technologies, LLC (engineering design & CAD services company); and managing partner at elevate98, LLC (business advisory and investment firm).  

Richard holds a BSBA degree from John Carroll University and has completed numerous graduate and executive education courses in business management, finance, leadership and investment management from Weatherhead School of Business at Case Western Reserve University and The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania. 

Prior to his current entrepreneurial roles and activities, Richard spent 20+ years in various advisory, management and leadership positions in the financial services industry.  He worked across all advisory verticals – working with elite teams, wealthy families, privately held multi-generational businesses, and large institutions. Through his education and experience advising a wide variety of businesses and owners, Richard is well positioned to deliver thoughtful perspective, advice, counsel, resources and training to help companies with their people, products and process.

Past Shows

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10/28/2019 – Guest Walt Robillard

Join host Tony Nettleman as he talks with his guest and grandfather, Walt Robillard, the “Dean of Surveying.”  

09/30/2019 – Guest Kurt B. Wurm

Join host Tony Nettleman as he talks with his guest, Dr. Kurt B. Wurm about NMSU’s new online program and general surveyor education topics.

09/16/19 – Guest Patrick Lee

Join host Tony Nettleman as he talks with his guest, Patrick Lee.

09/02/2019 – Guest Curt Sumner

Join host Tony Nettleman, for his Inaugural show. Tony’s guest is Curt Sumner, the former host of the NSPS Hour.