Florida Professional

Surveyor & MappeR

The Florida Professional Surveyor & Mapper State-Specific exam, otherwise known as the Florida Professional Surveyor & Mapper Jurisdictional exam, will test your endurance! This 180-minute, 100 question exam may only cover six categories of questions, but it will leave your fingers sore from flipping through the statutes so many times.

Full-Length Florida PSM Practice Exam

The Florida PSM Jurisdictional exam has been created by NLC, INC for one purpose: to introduce you to all the Florida statutes that you need to know in order to pass the PSM exam on the first-try. This full-length, hard-copy exam consists of 100 questions on the Florida statutues appliable to PSM including 5J-17, 62B-33, 172, 472, 718, and more. Not only does this new exam have the same number of questions as the actual exam, it was built with the Florida PSM exam blueprint, so applicants will get to experience the same types of questions and same category percentages.

Professionaly Programmed by Tony Nettleman

Buy Your Pre-Programmed HP35s with Confidence! Every Calculator comes with a printed user guide to get you started using the programs as well as a free online course where you can watch Dr. Nettleman run the survey programs as you follow-along with your own unit

  • Run a Traverse: Traverse by coordinates or traverse by azimuth/distance
  • Inverse: Finding the azimuth and distance between two points
  • Stub: Find the second coordinate using an initial coordinate plus azimuth/distance
  • Intersections: Find the bearing-bearing, distance-distance, or bearing-distance intersections
  • Construction Curves: Compute horizontal curves and vertical curves given two variables and a starting location
  • Bearing/Azimuth: Convert back-and-forth between bearing and azimuth
  • Triangles: solve for the missing variables of a triangle given two known values (angles or sides)

I wasn't sure what to expect when I went in to take the PSM exam. Taking this practice exam really calmed my nerves, and I wasn't surprised on test day.

Robert J.