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The PS Online Prep Bundle ($499) has everything you need to know to pass your Principles & Practice of Surveying exam on the first try! Every category tested on the actual PS exam is reviewed in the 7 modules below. Enjoy slide decks, videos, handouts and quizzes in each module. Only need to study one topic? Click any one of the modules below to purchase individually (only $99).

Professionaly Programmed by Tony Nettleman

Buy Your Pre-Programmed HP35s with Confidence! Every Calculator comes with a printed user guide to get you started using the programs as well as a free online course where you can watch Dr. Nettleman run the survey programs as you follow-along with your own unit

  • Run a Traverse: Traverse by coordinates or traverse by azimuth/distance
  • Inverse: Finding the azimuth and distance between two points
  • Stub: Find the second coordinate using an initial coordinate plus azimuth/distance
  • Intersections: Find the bearing-bearing, distance-distance, or bearing-distance intersections
  • Construction Curves: Compute horizontal curves and vertical curves given two variables and a starting location
  • Bearing/Azimuth: Convert back-and-forth between bearing and azimuth
  • Triangles: solve for the missing variables of a triangle given two known values (angles or sides)

Full-Length PS Practice Exam

Exam Book

The Principles and Practice of Surveying Full-Length Practice Exam book provides a comprehensive, up-to-date exam which consists of 100 questions. The book is CBT-compliant, contains the question categories in the same proportions as the real exam, and is written by a PhD land surveyor.

Thank you for all your help. I passed the FOS exam (first try). I never thought when I started surveying 16 years ago that I would attempt or even pass this exam. I did not go to college for geomatics, land surveying or civil engineering. I received an associate’s degree in Natural Resources Conservation and had taken a 3 credit course in plane surveying which was not a mathematical rigorous course, we didn’t even have a text book. Luckily with that class and my algebra and trigonometry classes I was able to get a job in surveying. 

Your study program is what this profession needs. You are providing education that is needed in this field of work, I have learned so much and will be purchasing your PS program.

Robert T.

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know “We” did it! Passed the FS on the first try. I say “We” because I couldn’t have don’t it without ya. Your program takes the time to break this “bear of a test” down to where its manageable. Don’t have enough thank you (s) to hand ya, but please know that I’m really grateful for you and your staffs help through this process. Now on to the PLS I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again soon for help with the PLS. 

You guys rock!

Darryl M.

My son took the FS exam three times. Before his fourth try, he took your course. This time, he passed.

Thank You!


“Trying to remember college courses after 10 years? Forget it! This course was a life saver!” 

Allison R.

Thank you, Sir!! 

I Passed the PS Exam. I will always be grateful.

Ramon L.

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Our goal is to have every NLC, INC Student pass on the first try! 

But, if you don’t pass after completing an NLC, INC Online Course, we will provide you with:

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2. A 15 minute one-on-one phone call with Dr. Nettleman to discuss areas of improvement

3. Up to 24 credit hours of additional online lessons in the subject area you need the most

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Q: What exam does this test prep bundle cover?

A: The PS Test Prep bundle prepares students for the Principles and Practice of Land Surveying exam.

Q: What is the difference between the Principles and Practice of Land Surveying exam and the Professional Land Surveyor exam?

A: They are the same exam. The correct name is the Principles and Practice of Land Surveying, but some people refer to it as the Professional Land Surveyor exam.

Q: Is the PS exam the only test I need to take to become a land surveyor?

A: No. The requirements to become a Professional Land Surveyor differ in every state, but licensing usually requires at least three exams: The FS, the PS and a state-specific laws/ethics exam.

Q: How much does the PS test prep course cost?

A: You have two choices: buy the individual modules for $99 or purchase all the modulesfor $499. If you buy the  bundle, you get six modules and a practice exam for the price of five – a 25% discount.

Q: How long do I get access to the course material?

A: Every student gets the content for 12 months – guaranteed. This includes all the updated content that is posted monthly. A one year extension may be purchased for $49 if needed. Please e-mail Dr. Nettleman for extensions.

Q: How do I know that your courses cover all the subjects tested on the PS?

A: The sections of the PS exam are explained in the “Exam Specifications” PDF on the NCEES website. The same document was used to create this test prep bundle. You can find the Specs PDF at http://ncees.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/PS-Oct-2016_CBT_Final.pdf

Q: Do you recommend any other resources in addition to this online course in order to pass this exam?

A: Other PS exam study materials include textbooks, study books, and extra practice questions. A full-length PS exam in hard-copy form and a pre-programmed HP35s calculator can be purchased on our site.

Q: Can I ask questions or make comments as I go through these modules?

A: Absolutely, every content page has a comment box at the bottom. Posting a message will alert me, I can answer, and then the Q/A will be there to help your fellow students. I can’t respond to every comment immediately but I’ll do my best to address any question or concern you may have.

Q: Is your course material up-to-date?

A: The course material was built after the new Computer-Based Testing (CBT) method began. Additionally, modules are updated yearly with revised slides and videos plus new practice questions.

Q: How can I keep in-touch with you as I progress through the modules?

A: Facebook and LinkedIn get updated often. You can also send me questions via these social media platforms. For a more private message, please e-mail me at Support@CNettleman.net.

Q: If I don’t like what I purchase, can I get a refund?

A: Yes, Siminars.com allows no-questions-asked refunds up to 14 days from the purchase date of your test prep materials.

Q: I’m not quite ready to purchase the bundle, but I would like some practice answering PS questions. Are there any free resources out there?

A: Absolutely. Head to Tony’s YouTube page for dozens of answered-and-explained PS questions.

Q: What rules govern the use of this Prep Course?

A: Please read the Prep terms of service PDF before beginning the course.