Fundamentals of Surveying Exam Combo

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Are you ready to crush the FS exam?

Get everything you need to beat the test including

– The complete FS Online Course bundle ($499),

– A printed full-length practice exam ($149)

– A pre-programmed NLC HP35 ($499).

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1 × Fundamentals of Surveying Online Prep Course
1 × HP35s Survey Programs User Guide (by NLC Prep)

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1 × Boundaries and Landmarks: A Practical Manual by A.C. Mulford (1912)

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In stock

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Enrolling in Dr. Nettleman’s Online Prep Course for the NCEES F.S. Exam was monumental for my success in passing the exam. With an exam this difficult, it’s overwhelming to even know where to begin to study. Dr. Nettleman’s Online Prep Course gave me the perfect outline of what to expect for the exam and the material covered on the exam. I also purchased the pre-programmed HP35s from Dr. Nettleman and found it to be a wonderful tool for the coursework and for the exam. Being able to quickly and effectively calculate survey computations is a must on the exam and the pre-programmed HP35s from Dr. Nettleman makes all the difference for quick and effective calculations. I highly recommend Dr. Nettleman’s F.S. Exam Prep Course and the pre-programmed HP35s calculator to anyone who is preparing for the NCEES F.S. Exam. Thank you for all of your help and hard work Dr. Nettleman!

Highly Recommended

I received my surveying degree overseas more than twenty years ago. Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) Workshop by Dr. Tony Nettleman was the best tool I found online that helped me to pass the exam at the first try. It is so well structured, that I used it as a skeleton for the surveying knowledge I had and new information that I had to learn. It covers all areas tested on the FS exam and easy to use. Also, preprogrammed HP35s saved me a lot of time on the exam and made that process less stressful. Highly recommended course. Thank you.

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