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Why Choose NLC?

Between your books, prep courses, calculator, and testing fees, becoming an SIT or PLS requires a huge investment!

But passing your exam on the first try is key to success because the passage rates for first-time test takers are 20-30 points higher than repeat takers.

There is no disputing that the FS, PS, and RPLS exams are difficult. If they were easy than everyone would become a surveyor.

But all of these exams are totally winnable if you decide to commit the time and resources.

Instead of learning all about the exam on your own, let Dr. Nettleman and NLC do all the legwork for you. All you need to do is show-up and learn!

Once you’ve passed your exams, your still a member of the family. Receive 50% individual online CEU prices forever!

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Learn All the Benefits of LIVE Test Prep with NLC

  • Comprehensive Prep that Covers Every Important Category
  • Dedicated Time to Work Problems and Ask Questions
  • Important Resources Only Available From NLC
  • One-on-One Time with Dr. Nettleman During Breaks, Lunch and After the Course

bUY JUST THE CLASS ($499) OR GET IT ALL ($1248)!

Want to Get Totally Prepped, Buy the Complete Package and Get All of the Following:

Each student receives the complete universe of NLC’s test prep products with every live seminar ticket including the online test prep bundle, hard-copy full-length practice exam and a pre-programmed HP35s calculator.

The online bundle includes a course for every subject within the actual exam. These are the same subjects as NCEES (FS + PS) or Texas Board (RPLS) will test you on. In each lesson, there are slides, videos and practice questions. You can also take a full-length practice exam that has the same number of questions per category as the real exam.

The hard-copy full-length practice exams were written by me after some of my university students needed help passing the their exams. It includes the same question types, categories and numbers of questions as the actual exam.

Finally, our HP35s calculator comes with a bunch of surveying programs including inversing, stubbing, horizontal + vertical curves, and many other programs. The FS has a whole bunch of computation-style questions like curves, COGO, and traverses. This machine can do them all in seconds.

Be confident on test day knowing you had everything available to you needed to pass your exam!

You Have Friends? We Have Discounts!

Just like anything else, taking a test prep workshop with a friend is more fun than coming alone. But either way, we’re sure you’ll have a blast.

If you are a friend some to the workshop together, and register together, then each of you can take 5% off the entire workshop.

Got 5 in a group? Take 10% off. That’s a total savings of $500!

Just e-mail us at support@siminars.com for the special code…and start saving big.

Q: How much do individual live test prep ticket cost?

A: One 7-hour Live Test Prep ticket is $1248.

Q: $1499 is a lot of money! What do I get for the price of admission?

A: Eternal happiness. No, not really. But you do get to be a part of one of the only live test prep events in the country to pass land surveying examinations with lots of extras.

Q: In addition to the one-day class, is anything else included?

A: Yes, a lot. In addition to the one-day admission to the live course, the entire universe of NLC, INC’s test prep products including hard-copy books, the multi-week online prep course and a pre-programmed HP35s calculator will be included with your purchase. (Only available with the $1248 purchase. $499 is for the one day test prep only.) 

Q: I’ve already purchased some of the items from NLC, INC, and I don’t need another copy of the same item. What should I do?

A: If you’ve purchased an online course, book, or HP35s, then you can take the total retail price of that item off of your admission ticket. ($1499 – $500 course = $999 ticket). Just E-mail us at support@cnettleman.net for a custom invoice.

Q: During the live events are food and drink served?

A: Yes! All-you-can-eat snacks and beverages will be served both before and during the event. Expect water, cokes, Red Bull and Double Shots (coffee, not Jack Daniels). Also, there will be plenty of snacks to munch on throughout the day. Lunch is on your own.

Q: Does NLC offer bulk/corporate/agency discounts?

A: Yes, we offer a 5% discount for two or more attendees and a 10% discount for 5 or more attendees. Have a really big group? E-mail us at support@cnettleman.net

Q: How do NLC’s live courses function and operate?

A: Periodically throughout the year, NLC, INC offers live test prep courses for land surveyors around the country. Each course is 7 hours.

Q: Does NLC provide the handouts in printed form or must I download the handouts online?

A: NLC, INC will print hard-copies of the lecture material and provide them for free to all attendees.

Q: Are refunds offered after I’ve already signed-up?

A: Yes. All money will be refunded up to 30 days before an event. If the event is less than 30 days from the date of request, no refunds will be given.

Q: After completing the live course, how will I get my certificate of completion?

A: Upon finishing the day’s lecture, the instructor will pass out certificates of completion and a post-course evaluation.  

Q: I lost my certificate! Can you send it to me again?

A: Of course! We maintain records for at least ten years. Send us an email and we’ll resend your certificate at no additional cost.

Q: How do I sign-up for one of NLC’s Live Test Prep events?

A: To buy a course, simply navigate to www.cnettleman.net/livetestprep, click “buy now”, and complete the purchase. 

Q: Are your payments secure?

A: Yes! We use Authorize.net for our payment services. A subsidiary of Visa, Authorize.net is the most widely used and trusted payment gateway system. If you have trouble ordering please contact us. We can always process your order over the phone.

 Q: How can I get a receipt for my purchase?

A: A receipt will be e-mailed to you after checkout.

Q: How can I contact the instructor?

A: Please e-mail Dr. Nettleman at Support@Cnettleman.net . 

Q: What do I need to bring to a seminar?

A: The seminar manual provides space for note taking. Pens and pencils will also be provided.  We strongly recommend layered clothing because meeting room temperatures may vary. You may be asked to bring special items to certain programs. Those requests will be noted on the brochure and your confirmation email.

Q: Can I record the seminar?

A: No. The seminar is the property of NLC, INC. We may offer the recording to attendees at a discounted price.