Never used a programmable calculator before?

That’s okay!

Slides, Videos and FAQs to Teach You

When you purchase a calculator from NLC, you also receive a four module class that teaches you everything you need to know about the survey-loaded HP35s.

Lessons include:

  • how to use your new calculator
  • an explanation of all the pre-loaded programs
  • instructions on learning to program yourself
  • five things never to do with your new machine

HP35 Calculators Loaded with 15+ Land Surveying Programs

NLC’s fully pre-programmed HP35s has all the land surveying applications you need for school, standardized tests or the field. Each calculator is programmed, updated and verified so you can began using it from day one.

Fully NCEES-Compliant

Rest assured at NLC’s HP35s are fully NCEES complaint.

NCEES, which administers both the Fundamentals of Surveying and Principles/Practice of Surveying, only allows a limited number of calculators to be used during the exam.

Test takers can either use non-programmed (basic) calculators or use HP33s or HP35s programmable calculators. For a full list of machines, click here.

HP33s and HP35s calculators are allowed to be used because they are programmable but they (1) have no QWERTY keyboard, (2) cannot communicate with other machines and (3) have no recording functions.

Fully Loaded with Useful Surveying Programs

NLC’s pre-programmed HP35s comes fully loaded with all the surveying programs you need to pass on exam day!

Pre-loaded programs include:

Triangles / COGO / Proportioning / Unit conversions / Point / Line / Intersections / Curves and more

All programs are fully tested and verified to work. Every calculator undergoes a 20 point inspection to confirm the programs are loaded correctly and ready to use on day one.

If you still have questions, a comprehensive FAQ is at your fingertips and Dr. Nettleman’s personal phone number is included with every purchase.

View the HP35 Online Course (For Current NLC HP35s Owners Only)