California PLS Public Land Survey System

California State-Specific PLS: (04) Public Land Survey System

A beautiful, symmetrical, organized, but almost invisible patchwork of square tiles exists over the entire state of California. These PLSS sections and townships form the base map of the whole state, and many legal descriptions of land title rely on the surveyor locating the grids accurately and precisely. Learn the history, mechanics, and restoration of PLSS subdivisions and monuments in this comprehensive online course.

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    1. cnettleman01

      Jorge. Can you tell me more about why you think the questions made no sense? Were you able to download the picture that goes along with the exercise? Knowing what proportionment method to use in different situations is very important.

  1. Jaspreet Mangat
    Jaspreet Mangat

    Now, how should I go to the next topic when it sends you back here and wants you to complete the Live Intro which does not have any quizzes. This is annoying.

    1. Rami Timimi
      Rami Timimi

      When you have finished a topic you should automatically be prompted to go on to the next topic of the course. If that’s not happening, contact [email protected] and they should be able to help with any technical issues.

  2. Reese Brashear
    Reese Brashear

    I’ve seen emails to the support and am not getting a response. Every time I go past the subdivision map act it tells me I need to enroll in the courses. I am trying to prepare for my LS exam this April and this has been happening with this course for almost 2 months.

    1. NLC Support
      NLC Support

      Hi Reese,

      I was able to login to your account and go into your courses. You should be able to progress now. Subdivision

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