Florida Professional Surveyors and Mappers Exam

This 180-minute, 100 question exam may only cover six categories of questions, but it will leave your fingers sore from flipping through the statutes so many times.

According to FL Rule 5J-17.032, The Florida Jurisdictional Examination shall be based on Florida’s laws and rules regarding the practice of surveying and mapping. The following areas shall be tested on the examination and will be weighted approximately as designated:


Area Tested

Assigned Weight

Chapter 177, Part I, F.S.

Chapter 177, Part II, F.S.

Chapter 161, F.S.

Chapter 62B-33, F.A.C.

Chapter 177, Part III, F.S.


Coastal Mapping



Restoration of Corners


Chapter 472, F.S.

Land Surveying and Mapping


Chapter 718, F.S.



Chapter 95, F.S.

Adverse Possession


Rules 5J-17.001 to 5J-17.007, F.A.C.

Rules 5J-17.010 to 5J-17.016, F.A.C.

Rules 5J-17.040 to 5J-17.047, F.A.C.

Rules 5J-17.050 to 5J-17.053, F.A.C.

Rules 5J-17.060 to 5J-17.062, F.A.C.

Rules 5J-17.080 to 5J-17.085, F.A.C.

Organization & Purpose

Grounds for Discipline

Continuing Education

Standards of Practice

Seals, Signatures andCertificates of Authorization






Chapter 472, F.S., and


Section 287.055, F.S.

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services – General


Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act




Exam Prep Materials

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