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What to Expect for the California Professional Land Surveyors Exam

Are you interested in becoming a professionally licensed surveyor in California? Once you have passed both the Fundamentals of Surveying Exam and the Principles and Practices of Surveying exam, your next step is to take the California State Specific Land Surveyors Exam.

The California State-Specific Professional Land Surveyors Exam will most definitely test your endurance!  This 4-hour, 70 questions exam covers almost every surveying-related topic and each exam is different so you will never know whic of those topics will be on your exam.

According to the California Board of Professional Surveyors the Functions of a Land Surveyor are as follows:

“Professional land surveyors licensed in California are required to have qualifying experience and to pass an examination before the Board licenses them. Land surveyors retrace property lines, perform boundary line adjustments, prepare topographic maps, prepare subdivision maps, and perform construction surveys, among other duties. It is unlawful for anyone to do land surveying or offer to do land surveying unless he or she is currently licensed as a land surveyor. Civil Engineers licensed before January 1, 1982 (or have a license
number below C33966) may also perform land surveying services if they are competent.

Professional Services include –
• prepare legal descriptions and maps for subdividing property
• perform boundary line adjustments
• replace lost or obliterated property corners
• set boundary markers or property corners, also known as monuments
• retrace boundaries for fences and other purposes
• locate, relocate, establish, reestablish, or retrace any property line or boundary of any
parcel of land, right-of-way, easement, or alignment of those lines or boundaries
• prepare legal descriptions and information shown with the description of any deed or other title
• prepare maps or plats for plot plans
• stake the location of fixed engineering works for construction purposes
• determine boundary discrepancies
• locate, relocate, establish, reestablish, or retrace the alignment or elevation for any of the fixed
works embraced within the practice of civil engineering
• determine contours of the earth’s surface for topographic maps
• photogrammetric surveying or aerial topographic mapping

The subject matter of the Professional Land Surveyor examination relates to the principles and practice of land surveying. Examinees are examined on elements of current land surveying practice as dictated by a Board-approved Test Plan based on an Occupational Analysis, including the examinee’s knowledge of general land surveying principles, methods of solving the problems, and reasoning ability as demonstrated in the examinee’s solutions. Examinees should develop solutions with calculations, findings, and statements arranged in a professional, organized, and legible manner.”


What To Study for the CA PLS State-Specific Exam

NLC Prep has taken some of the guesswork out of what to study for the CA PLS Exam.  Our online course is broken down into the following topics of study:

  • California Acts and Rules
  • California Subdivision Law
  • California Miscellaneous Law
  • Boundary Law
  • Legal Aspects
  • Public Land Survey System
  • Survey Computations
  • Statistics and Adjustments
  • Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Exam Prep Materials from NLC Prep

Are you interested in becoming a professionally licensed surveyor? Once you have passed both the Fundamentals of Surveying Exam and the Principles and Practices of Surveying exam, your next step is to take the California State Specific Land Surveyors Exam.

We offer Pre-Programmed HP-35 Calculators loaded with 15+ land surveying programs that make the California PLS math sections a breeze. These calculators are approved for use during the exam and they seriously cut down on time needed to perform calculations. We also provide a user manual as well as plenty of videos on how to use your calculator efficiently and effectively.

Our CA PLS Full-Length Practice Exam workbook was designed based on NCEES specifications and also Dr. Tony Nettleman’s 20 years of experience as a PLS. This full-length practice exam will give you ample practice for what to expect on the day of the exam.

NLC Prep’s Online California Prep Course Bundle was designed by Dr. Nettleman to best present and explain each CA Exam section material for the student. The online bundle includes quizzes, videos, explanations, and other CA Exam tips and tricks to ensure you make a passing score on your first try. Dr. Nettleman is so sure of NLC Prep’s CA PLS Online Course Bundle, he guarantees it with the NLC Pass Guarantee. Students who do not pass their land survey exam on the first try will be able to access the online course for an additional year, receive coaching from Dr. Nettleman, and receive 24 credit hours of additional lessons in the area of needed improvement. The CA PLS Exam Online Course Bundle is updated for 2020.

You can also maximize your test day potential with the CA PLS Exam Combo. Our CA PLS Exam Combo includes the Pre-Programmed HP-35 calculator, CA PLS Exam Practice Book, the California PLS Exam Online Course Bundle, Boundaries and Landmarks: A Practical Manual by A.C. Mulford (1912), and the ACSM/NSPS Definitions of Surveying and Associated Terms (2005). The California PLS Exam Combo is, without-a-doubt, the best tool for passing your exam; not to mention it is also the best value, combining all three of our most popular California PLS Exam test products into one bundle.

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