5 Highly Effective Tips to Help You Study and Pass Land Surveyor Exams

5 Highly Effective Tips to Help You Study and Pass Land Surveyor Exams

Land Surveyors must pass two tests issued by the NCEES to obtain their professional license and a state-specific exam. Each exam takes several hours to complete and includes over 100 questions in different categories. The tests are not easy. In fact, only half the students taking the examinations pass on the first try and the numbers are even more bleak for those retaking the tests. But you can increase your odds if you know how to study and  attack the exams more efficiently. If you are preparing to take the licensing exams, these tips will help you:

Start Early

You cannot expect to pass any test if you have not given yourself time to study. The FS and PS exams cannot be prepared for in one night or even one week. If you want to do well, you must give yourself  at least six to eight weeks to study the information.

Use Good Study Guide Resources

There are many online and hard copy resources available to help you prepare for the exam. Hard copy text books, online guides, practice tests and worksheets are easily accessible through websites, university textbook stores, public book retailers, and libraries. These resources cover the different categories and information in the exam thoroughly so you will have no surprises when it comes time to writing the exam.

Study Groups

Study groups are a great way to learn with peers. Getting together with other students not only helps you understand and remember the material, but it is also a great way to support one another academically and morally.

Focus on What You Do Not Know

When studying, while you want to prepare for all the information,  there are certain categories that you will probably find more difficult than others. While it is important to review all the content, it is even more essential to focus on the sections you do not understand during your study periods. This is your time to learn the information you are not comfortable with so you are prepared for the questions on the exam. Use your preparation time wisely.

Taking the Test

When it is time to take the exam, break the test down into three phases or run throughs starting with the easiest questions first and doing the hardest ones last.  First, go through the test and complete all the easy questions. They take very little time and are guaranteed points that you do not want to miss out on.

Once you have completed the easy questions, go through the test a second time to answer all the moderately difficult questions. These are the questions that require some thought and calculations to get the answer but, with effort, you can complete them.

Once you have finished the moderately challenging questions, now it is time to tackle the most difficult  questions. Leaving  the toughest questions for last will ensure that you do not waste valuable time at the beginning of the exam, or leave  easier questions unanswered. Leaving them to the end gives you time to focus your energy on trying to figure them out without the risk of failing or not completing the exam.

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  1. It is good to know that you should think about doing sections at a time. It seems like doing a large surveyor could be really difficult. So, doing sections would allow you to break it down into a manageable size.

  2. Thank you for your tip to start early. I need to have some land surveyed so I can buy some rural property. I’ll be sure to find a land surveyor who can start early and get the job done.

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